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Welcome to our shopping page. If you’d like to buy a Desktop or Laptop computer with Vinux pre-installed, you’ve come to the right place.


Purchase an alternative voice for Vinux.


We are now offering other speech engines for Vinux as an alternative to ESpeak, the default synthesiser. At the moment, you can purchase Voxin, which is a speech synthesiser that sounds similar to Eloquence as used with Jaws for Windows. When you complete your purchase via PayPal, you will be emailed a link to download Voxin. At the moment, we only offer UK and US English languages. Please make your selection from the options below.

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What other services do you offer?


We are currently offering the following services.


  • Custom built desktops : if you wish, you can have a desktop built to custom specifications. These typically take slightly longer to ship but are all hand tested and come with your choice of accessories screen, keyboard, mouse, Wi-Fi, etc. The cost for one of these systems with 12 months warranty is from approximately £120. Please be aware that we can only provide these to UK based customers. 
  • I can’t afford a brand new desktop: No problem! We’ve teamed up with a computer recycling company called Ecochip to offer you discounted desktops and laptops. Ecochip is a computer recycling company based in London.  Their computers come from homes/offices and are all fully tested and in reasonable condition. Prices start from just £70 for a desktop, £90 for a laptop. These prices include shipping. Support will be offered to get the machine up and running. Although we can only offer 28 days return to base warranty on these products, they’re all fully working, hand tested and should the need arise we will replace the computer for you. So, why not buy 1 of these systems and help the environment as well!



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