Should I perform updates?

In the past Vinux recommended users not to upgrade packages after installing Vinux unless they had a very good reason. We now recommend that when possible users perform updates on a regular basis. This will enable the Vinux team to update packages, and introduce new features.

This does not include upgrading to new Ubuntu versions, this will more than likely break the Vinux specific settings that make your system accessible.


Ensure the integrity of your image by downloading the MD5 file as well.

The current supported release of Vinux is 4.0 based on Ubuntu Precise 12.04.2, read the release announcement.



Vinux 4.0 i386 CD weighing in at 676MB

Sourceforge server World wide

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MD5Sum: b4e3ca80f16be3991db19261c663bda9


Vinux 4.0 amd64 CD weighing in at 688MB

Sourceforge server World wide

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MD5Sum: fb79a7174f207ae5ff8a908d58c60363


Vinux 4.0 i386 DVD weighing in at 1.8GB

Sourceforge server World wide

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MD5Sum: 14e38b9701e388a45a5e4849323388be


Vinux 4.0 amd64 DVD weighing in at 1.8GB

sourceforge server World wide

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MD5Sum: 2a5089976a0991aee516a14ff080b384


Vinux 3.0.2 based on Ubuntu Lucid 10.04.4


Vinux 3.0.2 X86 CD weighing in at 698MB

Sourceforge server

MD5Sum: 405bba1ee1f2a4a363c04302c4283dfe


Vinux 3.0.2 X64 CD weighing in at 679MB

Sourceforge server

MD5Sum: 0dcc134a5b52b85217a75c709a368c92


Vinux 3.0.2 I386 DVD weighing in at 1.39GB

Sourceforge server

MD5Sum: 7e88ea08f4bd889d01f2a39df77c3423


Vinux 3.0.2 X64 DVD weighing in at 1.44GB

sourceforge server

MD5Sum: 38823614a51843e155cfc082048a9a56


Vinux 3.0.2 USB standard edition weighing in at 723MB

Sourceforge server

MD5Sum: 042f4db21de79b7e162eaec73a4f20f6


Vinux 3.0.2 Virtual edition weighing in at 717MB

Sourceforge server<

MD5Sum: a9129b9b270ec2f734b059bfdcbb7756


Old Vinux downloads.


Below, you can download tools to assist booting to USB via CD boot disks and previous releases of Vinux.

Please be aware that the previous Vinux releases referred to here no longer get updates from Ubuntu or Debian and are not officially supported by Vinux. That being said if you are happily using an old release and are not wanting to upgrade but would like help, there may be interested parties on our mailing list whom will help.


USB boot CD for older computers.


This CD is used when a computers bios does not support booting directly from a USB stick, or if you generally just want to boot from CD instead of USB to save enabling USB booting. Simply plug your pen drive in to the PC after burning the boot manager to a CD and restart your computer. When your pc restarts, press any key to boot from CD. Then, assuming CD booting is enabled and your pen drive is plugged in, the CD will boot Vinux from your USB drive.


Click here to download the boot CD.


Vinux downloads